Preserving History Honoring Innovation


Q: What is the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame?
A: The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame, established in 2011, is an effort to honor innovators in the industry and to ensure that the “history” of the industry is preserved and shared with newer generations.
Q: Who are the members of the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame?
A: Members of the Hall are honored in three categories: Innovative Individuals, Innovative Provider Organizations and Innovative Products/Services. Current members of the Hall of Fame include:
Innovative Individual John Eudes - 2011

  Ed Bennett - 2012

  Mark Gothberg - 2012
  Lee Aase - 2013
  C. Everett Koop, MD - 2013
  Kevin Pho, MD - 2013
  Wendy Sue Swanson, MD - 2014
Innovative Provider Organizations Sharp HealthCare - 2011

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center - 2011

Community Health Network - 2012
  Cleveland Clinic - 2013

Geisinger Health System - 2013

Medical University of South Carolina - 2013
  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - 2014

University of Utah Health Care - 2014
Innovative Products/Services Estrada CMS -2011

Epic - 2011

WebMD - 2011

PatientsLIkeMe - 2012

Mayo Clinic - 2012

KidsHealth - 2014
Q: How are Hall of Fame Members chosen?
A: Candidates for the Hall of Fame are nominated by their peers through submission of a nomination packet. All nominees are objectively evaluated by the Board of Judges based on a set of defined criteria.
Q: What are the criteria for selection?
A: Candidates for the Hall of Fame are evaluated on their:
  • Numerous, lasting and significant contributions to the healthcare Internet field at a local, state or national level.
  • Leadership positions in the healthcare industry beyond just the organization in which they are/were employed.
  • Demonstrated willingness to share their expertise with others in the industry.
  • Demonstrated service to the industry and as a role model or mentor to others in the healthcare Internet industry.
  • Demonstrated ability or influence to effect change in the industry.
  • Length of service in the healthcare Internet field.
Q: Who are members of the Board of Judges?
A: The Board of Judges is an independent panel consisting of experienced industry providers and vendors. The role of the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Board of Judges is to thoroughly and fairly evaluate each nominated candidate.
Q: How can I become a member of the Board of Judges?
A: We welcome all applications to the Board of Judges. The Board is fully seated for 2015, but to be considered for future years, please complete and submit the online form .
Q: How can I nominate someone to the Hall of Fame?
A: We welcome all nominations. To nominate someone for the Healthcare Hall of Fame, a nominations packet must be completed and submitted online no later than July 1st each year.
Q: When is the call for nominations open?
A.  Nominations open in June of every year. 

Q.  Is there a fee to submit a nomination?
A: There is no fee to enter/nominate.
Q: When are inductees announced?
A: Each class will be announced and honored at an induction ceremony during the Healthcare Internet Conference.
Q: Will nominees be notified if they win/lose?
A: Inductees will be contacted. Non-winning entrants will not be contacted.
Q: How will inductees be recognized?
A: Inductees are profiled on the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Website and honored at a special induction ceremony at the Healthcare Internet Conference (HCIC) held every year in November. 
Q: If I have more questions, whom should I contact?
A: If you have questions, please complete and submit the Contact Us form and you will get a response within one business day.